Villa d'Este Style - 10 June 2012 at Villa d'Este

After the great success of the revival of the Villa d’Este Concours, nowadays recognised as Europe’s main such meeting, Villa d’Este decided to highlight its link with the history of automotive design, which reached its peak with the 1949 Alfa Romeo Villa d’Este.

The Hotel management has therefore decided to search for and purchase one of these motor cars and show it permanently, as a work of art which is part of history.

A number of initiatives have been set to reinforce the importance of this car and its link with the Hotel. The final goal is to register all the existing Alfa Romeo Villa d’Estes, as well as to make contact with their owners and create an information exchange. The main objective is the conservation of these motor cars and, to create a moment of sharing. An annual meeting has been organised, during which every “Villa d’Este” will have the opportunity to ‘come home’.

The first such meeting took place on June 10th 2012, and saw seven “Villa d’Estes” reunite for the first time in the magic place that gave them their name. It was a precious opportunity for the owners to compare the cars which – having been handmade - all have nuances and unique details. For those owners with cars in need of restoration or enhancement, it was a very useful and important opportunity to see and study different specimens. Those who don’t own one perhaps regretted letting one pass by many years ago…

Photogallery 10 June 2012