"It is a great day to share our common passion for these magnificent examples of uniqueness, for Villa d'Este and for its four-wheeled namesake, united by the timeless elegance of the venue and of the car's design", commented Danilo Zucchetti, General Manager of Villa d'Este Group, on welcoming the guests.

Many of the guests underlined their strong relationship with this automobile, of which we had five examples (915.884, 915.890, 915.902, 915.916, 915.925), among which Alberto and Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni, sons of the owner and designer of Carrozzeria Touring, Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni, the creator of the Coupé Villa d'Este, and Stefano Agazzi and Marco Fazio, representing Museo Storico Alfa Romeo.

Another guest of this second "Villa d'Este Style" -underlining the event's cultural side- was Professor Leonardo Previ, of Milan's Università Cattolica, and founder of trivioquadrivio, a multi-science think tank, who gave a brief speech commenting the five motor cars in terms of aesthetic intelligence and passion.

This speech has strengthened the decision of the Villa d'Este management to continue with this celebration of Italian Lifestyle, through the common ground uniting these two examples of automotive design and hotellerie. "These automobiles represent an heirloom, something we must pass on: we don't really own them, we treat them well because we know and want to leave them to someone else tomorrow. We like to act as owners, knowing full well that we cannot be owners forever."

The meeting was closed with a presentation, by Marco Makaus, who conceived and managed this initiative, of the renewed internet site: "It will create a link between the owners and the enthusiasts, telling the history of the Alfa Romeo 6c 2500SS Villa d'Este. The new area is the Register, where one will find the data and news of all the known Villa d'Estes built and of those known to have survived. Ideally this bilingual site will become a source of information for those willing to know more about this automobile".

The project promoters, along with Villa d'Este's management, due to the enthusiasm demonstrated by those who attended both the 2012 and the 2013 editions, confirmed the will to stage a third event, in the spring of 2014.

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