Chassis Number 915.900 - GERMANY

The Alfa Romeo 6C 2500SS “Villa d’Este” number  915.900 was dispatched by Touring on  03/08/1951  to its first owner, Riccardo Giamundo,  from Naples, who was at that time only 25 years old and who found an untimely death in Venezuela just a couple of years later.

In 1972 it was registered near Rome. Subsequently, it has found its way into the catacombs of Naples. It was discovered there in  2005, when the now famous Galleria Borbonica, a previously unknown network of subterranian vaults and hallways, in  was discovered and excavated. In these tunnels a considerable number of classic cars were found, apparently seized by the local police decades ago, for tax or whatever reasons. 

The Galleria Borbonica now forms a tourist attraction with guided tours below the surface of Naples.

Most oft the lesser or unrestorable cars which had been discovered there are still on display in these catacombs.

When found, the Alfa was in a derelict, but almost complete state and was subsequently restored in Italy and Germany, taking care to preserve all original substance. 

Restoration started in 2007. Bodywork was done by Mabert, Torino, mechanics by Grillo, Biella. The original, cracked engine was saved and restored with tremendous effort in Germany by Christian Wallner,  Munich and the final assembly, upholstery etc. was performed by Jürgen Graumann, Iserlohn.

Due to the unique circumstances of discovery, research on the early history and how the Alfa found its way into the bowels of Napoli is still going on.

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