Chassis Number 915.891 - Mexico

Historical notes

Exported to Switzerland in December 1950, 915.891 later moved to England, where Charles Herridge bought it for £95 in the mid '60s.

According to his son, it had a slipping clutch and a missing starter motor - but would easily start on the handle. Mr. Herridge enjoyed it for a summer and then passed it on for the same £95.

Fast forward to the 1980s when Marco Makaus and Giancarlo Cappa (of KCA fame) bought it from a collector of Italian cars: among others he owned the three Nardi Blue Rays! A Milanese collector bought it and KCA restored it completely for him - his first Villa d'Este which was to be followed by 915.888 and 915.916. In 2013 891 was sold to New York, and it currently is part of a Mexican collection.

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