Event 2017

Great success for the 2017 edition of Villa d’Este Style.

Every year we like to show a selected number of other motor cars, in addition to the rare “Villa d’Este” Coupés, created by Carrozzeria Touring in just 32 units between 1949 and 1952: these cars are invited in order to represent different aspects of the history of Alfa Romeo.

This year we had a 6C 2500SS Cabriolet by Pinin Farina, just to remind ourselves that other Coachbuilders made wonderful automobiles on the same chassis used for the “Villa d’Este”. This particular motor car, owned for many decades by one of the doyens of car collecting in Italy, Eric A. Maggiar, has enchanted everyone with her lines and irrepeatable conservation state.

But surely the piece de resistance was the Alfa Romeo 159 ‘Alfetta’: one of the Formula One single seaters which beat every competitor in the same years in which, in the same Portello works, the “Villa d’Este” chassis were erected. This very important racing car, which very seldom goes out of the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, was shown with a few trophies and memorabilia originally owned by Nino Farina, the man that in 1950 won the first Formula One World Championship with an Alfetta. These precious items were loaned by Pininfarina, in whose Cambiano headquarter they are usually shown.

The world expert on Alfa Romeo 8Cs, Simon Moore, was with us to tell us some stories about this racing car, having recently published a wonderful book dedicated to the Portello monopostos.

Finally, we have gladly welcomed a very sporting RLSS from the 1920s, which proved that even before Vittorio Jano joined Alfa Romeo the company already had a sporting carachter: its owner was unable to finish his “Villa d’Este” restoration but still wanted to come with one of his Alfas!

The 2017 program had a new part, as in the afternoon we moved to Cernobbio’s central square, where all the great Alfa Romeos taking part in “Villa d’Este Style 2017” have been admired by the public.


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